It’s been a long week here in the Reap household. One boy with a broken arm, 2 children with strep throat, everyone needing a little bit more of mom’s attention. It’s in the fine print when you sign up for parenthood that there are going to be weeks like this, but who reads the fine print, right? In case you’re having a week like this, or if you remember what it’s like, this week’s challenge is a little pick-me-up.

Give yourself a compliment.

I know, some of you are really modest and would never want to appear vain. But this isn’t about vanity. It’s about acknowledging the wonderful person that you are. See, you can’t argue with that because you know it’s true.

Having trouble coming up with one? Let me give you a few examples – my SIL Debi knows how to clean anything and everything. My mom can sew like a professional. My SIL Paula can bake the most amazing treats. My DH can name that 80s tune in 3 notes.

What about you?

As for me, I can have a bad week, but I still have good hair.

Here’s Steph’s (or should I say Martha’s?!):

And Ducky’s:

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