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#112 Who’s better than you?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

It’s been a long week here in the Reap household. One boy with a broken arm, 2 children with strep throat, everyone needing a little bit more of mom’s attention. It’s in the fine print when you sign up for parenthood that there are going to be weeks like this, but who reads the fine print, right? In case you’re having a week like this, or if you remember what it’s like, this week’s challenge is a little pick-me-up.

Give yourself a compliment.

I know, some of you are really modest and would never want to appear vain. But this isn’t about vanity. It’s about acknowledging the wonderful person that you are. See, you can’t argue with that because you know it’s true.

Having trouble coming up with one? Let me give you a few examples – my SIL Debi knows how to clean anything and everything. My mom can sew like a professional. My SIL Paula can bake the most amazing treats. My DH can name that 80s tune in 3 notes.

What about you?

As for me, I can have a bad week, but I still have good hair.

Here’s Steph’s (or should I say Martha’s?!):

And Ducky’s:

#109 – The good old days

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Or as my 7-year-old would say, any year that doesn’t start with a 2!

This week’s challenge is to go back into your old photo albums and choose a photo (or photos) from another decade to create a layout around.

Were you a 60s hippie, a 70s disco queen, a big-haired 80s teen? Ever wanted to make a layout using that super cute baby photo of you? Here’s the perfect excuse!

Of course, the photo doesn’t have to be of you, but feel free to post those embarrassing pre-teen photos – we won’t judge you. I’ll even kick it off with one of my own (and for the record, I don’t know what possessed me to cut my hair like that. I’m sure I regretted it immediately.)

(With thanks to Moon Ko, whose layout in Simple Scrapbooks inspired the design!)

Here’s one from Steph:

And one from Ducky:

Here’s Heather’s:


#108–Diamante poems

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Heather’s challenge a ways back to journal in the form of a haiku was one of my favorite challenges ever. And it got me thinking about what other types of poetry were out there that would lend themselves well to journaling on layouts. That question led me to a type of poetry called the “diamante poem,” one that has seven lines in the shape of a diamond and incorporates nouns, adjectives, gerunds, and a sentence or some more nouns. Sounds hard huh? Well Suzy did some searching and found this website that does all the work for you. You just have to decide what words you want to plug into the formula. So it’s really not as tough as it sounds. Give it a try.

If for some reason, you are innately opposed to journaling in a diamond shape, like I seem to be, you are welcome to play with your design a little bit.

Here’s little ducky’s version, she’s innately opposed as well, but she got around it nicely, don’t you think?


Heather went straight for the diamond…


Here’s mine. Even though I didn’t stay in the diamond shape, I did get an old photo scrapped and that makes me happy!


Here’s Suzy’s – she went with the diamond shape but not wanting to be too conformist took some liberties with her parts of speech!

#94 Just the facts, ma’am.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

We all have times when we have a lot to say. But there are also times when the 5 W’s will get the job done.

This week my challenge to you is to journal the who/what/when/where/why.

Give us the facts, the skinny, the straight poop…you get the idea. The long and short of it this week is to just give us the short version.

Much like this post. :)

Here’s mine:

And LD’s:


2 across, 7 down, otherwise known as challenge #79

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

what does it say about you when you hate your own challenge?

well i’ve tried it and i hate it.

design problems beyond design problems.

one word answers needed.

but i suppose that’s what a challenge is all about, so with that glowing description, i offer you this week’s challenge.

a crossword puzzle.

there are plenty of free puzzlemakers out there if you just google “free crossword maker” but i’ll give you a couple of links to get you started. and i’ll get back to you on my layout.

and if no one wants to play this week, i completely understand.

crossword puzzle maker



i’ll post more layouts once they are done. but here’s heather’s, she’s a trooper to say the least. :)

little ducky’s page about her son, what a fun idea! and she did not disappoint, i was hoping for something like this from her…

and i finished mine and actually think it turned out ok… :) see what complaining will get you!?!

#70 A Random Word

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I can’t figure out how this new version of wordpress works. i can’t figure out how to load pictures and i can’t link, so you’ll have to bear with me for a while. but here’s the challenge, sans pictures and links: it’s a random word challenge. there’s a generator online that just throws out words, if you don’t like the first word, i’ll give you the option of trying again 4 more times, but that’s it. you have to use one of those five words as a jumping off point for your journaling. i think this will be fun because everyone’s pages are going to be SO different.

google RANDOM WORD GENERATOR to find the link.

for your word and get creating!
remember, you only have to use the word as a jumping off point, it doesn’t even have to be in your title or journaling, just explain how it inspired you.


here’s my take on the challenge, my word was “traveling”:

And Suzy’s (her word was “frown”):

Here’s Heather’s page. Her word was “Entrance”, it can be pronounced two different ways, can you tell which one she used? :)

and Steph’s is using the word “Human”

ducky’s word was “teacher”

Challenge #65–$1 million in small unmarked bills…

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

We’re doing ransom notes!! You can write your journaling as an actual ransom note (“do this, or else!”), or do regular journaling in a ransom note fashion, or whatever ‘ransom’ means to you!! Have fun with it. We sure did!

Heather’s page:


Little Ducky’s page:


Emily’s page:


Suzy’s page:

note to self

Challenge #62 – by the numbers

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I think I have a fun challenge for you this week – use numbers as the basis of your journaling. What does that mean? Almost anything!

You could make a list of things like how many purses you own, how many diapers you change in a day (lucky you if that number is zero!), what time you get up…

Or you could choose a specific number and run with it. What was the number on the house you grew up in and what memories do you have of that house? Did you ever ask a cute boy (or girl) for their phone number and did true love ensue? How much did your first baby weigh and what was the feeling upon seeing that sweet face for the first time? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s mine (some random facts about me!):


Here’s Heather’s…


Challenge #59 – It’s not so bad…

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Here’s the thing – no matter how good a photographer you are, sometimes you just don’t get a good shot. Whether the lighting was horrible, the action moved too fast or you just tripped over your own feet (trust me, it happens!), sometimes you just don’t get that “scrap-worthy” photo you were looking for. But doesn’t the story deserve to be told anyway?

So that’s my challenge to you: Take some bad photos that have a story to tell and tell that story as if you had gorgeous photos. Even if the pictures are blurry, out of focus, underexposed (name your poison!), if they’re all you’ve got then use them. I can’t wait to hear their story.

Here’s my take:

bad photos

And LD’s:


And Heather’s:


Challenge #54–Have you been here before?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

How are you enjoying the challenges? I know I am being pushed and am loving the results. We hope you are too. The challenge for this week comes from some pictures I took of my kids back in June. We were exploring in a park and found a trail. We veered off onto the trail and my childhood rushed back. I remember finding another such hidden spot when I was about 10. It was so cool, I felt like I was the only person in the world that knew about that spot. Similar emotions occurred on that day with my kids. It was kind of deja vu.

Journal about a picture or pictures that reminds you of another similar experience. Does your child look exactly like an ancestor? Did going to CHA bring back memories of how silly you were your freshman year of college? You can go a lot of places with this one. Try it out. It will take some thought, but it’s worth it! Please link your layouts here or on the two peas thread.

Here’s my layout:


little ducky’s:







Heather is still working on her layout.