There are a few different directions you could go with this one.

Do a page about your astrological sign (Aries, Taurus, etc). Here’s a site to look up the basics. Find your Chinese sign here.

Do a page about your birthdate (price of gas, #1 song, etc). I had some fun looking at dmarie’s time capsule.

Do a page about how the universe aligned for you to meet your sweetie.

Or write about your luck (or unluck as the case may be).

And of course, as always, if this inspires you to do something not enumerated here, please share it with us!

Emily finished her page first this time. She chose to write about her sign, Scorpio.

Here’s mine, I also did mine on astrological signs.

Heather’s page:


Suzy’s page:

One Response to “#111 – What’s in the Stars?”

  1. Caro Says:

    This inspired me a page about my daughter’s love for anything space related! I chose the title “head in the stars” (in french).

    Here’s my page: