Or as my 7-year-old would say, any year that doesn’t start with a 2!

This week’s challenge is to go back into your old photo albums and choose a photo (or photos) from another decade to create a layout around.

Were you a 60s hippie, a 70s disco queen, a big-haired 80s teen? Ever wanted to make a layout using that super cute baby photo of you? Here’s the perfect excuse!

Of course, the photo doesn’t have to be of you, but feel free to post those embarrassing pre-teen photos – we won’t judge you. I’ll even kick it off with one of my own (and for the record, I don’t know what possessed me to cut my hair like that. I’m sure I regretted it immediately.)

(With thanks to Moon Ko, whose layout in Simple Scrapbooks inspired the design!)

Here’s one from Steph:

And one from Ducky:

Here’s Heather’s:


One Response to “#109 – The good old days”

  1. Debi Says:

    What fun to see all you ladies younger!
    I think I may have to do a 2page spread if I am gonna do a teen yrs picture (mostly for the hair:)) LOL!