Heather’s challenge a ways back to journal in the form of a haiku was one of my favorite challenges ever. And it got me thinking about what other types of poetry were out there that would lend themselves well to journaling on layouts. That question led me to a type of poetry called the “diamante poem,” one that has seven lines in the shape of a diamond and incorporates nouns, adjectives, gerunds, and a sentence or some more nouns. Sounds hard huh? Well Suzy did some searching and found this website that does all the work for you. You just have to decide what words you want to plug into the formula. So it’s really not as tough as it sounds. Give it a try.

If for some reason, you are innately opposed to journaling in a diamond shape, like I seem to be, you are welcome to play with your design a little bit.

Here’s little ducky’s version, she’s innately opposed as well, but she got around it nicely, don’t you think?


Heather went straight for the diamond…


Here’s mine. Even though I didn’t stay in the diamond shape, I did get an old photo scrapped and that makes me happy!


Here’s Suzy’s – she went with the diamond shape but not wanting to be too conformist took some liberties with her parts of speech!

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