You know those things you tell people about and they say, “oh that is so smart!” (or maybe they don’t…)

I want you to write down some of your tips and tricks. like something you might tell a friend at her baby shower, or something you want your future grandchildren to know. maybe you want to write out some of your recycling ideas, or cooking shortcuts.

this would make for a great mini-album, by the way. I’ll let you have some extra time for that. heck take as long as you need!

I’ve been obsessing about Sharpie markers lately. did you know you can personalize a pen on their site? order right now and you can have your “MY LOVE IS PERMANENT, LIKE THIS MARKER” pens by valentines day!!

my page is digital–yes I know I should have done the page IN marker.

here are the fonts I used: peixe frito, tiza, beyond wonderland, misproject, nerwus, jjstencil, sketch rockwell, jamai steve, gertto headline (love that one), crosby’s hand, karabine, walk around the block, black jack regular (the sharpie font) and pea bethany’s doodles. the photo is a creative commons photo from flickr.


steph’s page, some tips for her photography clients –>

you should know

emily’s page took a little different turn, based on her husband’s instructions on skipping rocks:


The page that Heather made… (my apostrophe key is not working. ugh!)


Suzy’s page (and she forgot to mention “Always check their pockets before you wash their clothes.” :)

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  1. Debi Says:

    Great layouts ladies :)