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Journaling Challenge #82–Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Vacation, had to get away!

(Gold stars if you name the band who sang that song!)

Heather, here! I’m back from vacation! We had a grand time. I’m updating my blog daily with pictures and vacation stories if your are interested.

So this week, we are journaling about vacations! See how I’m tying that all together? lol!

my page…

Little Ducky’s page…

Let’s hear about all of those amazing vacations, ladies!

#81: 90% inspiration, 10% paper & glue

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

howdy, little ducky here!

this challenge may sound redundant, if you’ve been following along. think of it as another chance to use your number stickers!

statisticsa collection of quantitative data.

I’m tempted to just stop here, and let you interpret it however you want. but I’ll go ahead and write out some ideas to get you started. (if you already know what you’re going to do, stop reading right now and get busy!)

I got the idea when I was looking at my weight loss tracking sheet that hangs on my mirror (by the way, I haven’t lost any weight for over a year but I’m keeping track). I was thinking about all the numbers I keep track of: my son’s height & weight, my own weight (darn it, my height just won’t change), the price of gas, the price of gas compared to the price of milk, car mileage before next oil change, and so on.

you might find this is a good time to compare something, then/now, before/after — how much did your baby weigh and how much does she weigh now? how old were your parents when they had you, and how old were you when you had your child?

maybe you just want to document stuff in your life — how many song files are in your digital music library? how many photos do you take a month? how many minutes do you use on your cell phone? how many miles do you drive each day? how many baseball hats does your husband have? (and how many of them does he actually wear?)

or how about some goal you’re working on — weight loss, running, budget (heh, scrapbooking budget? what’s that?), or a countdown to something else — how many days left of summer vacation, until a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary?

you get the idea. think of the numbers in your life.

Here’s Suzy’s:

#80 It’s fontastic!

Monday, July 14th, 2008

If you’re anything like me, you have hundreds of fonts loaded onto your computer. And you use the same three over and over again. (Really, three is being generous – I pretty much have used the Autumn Leaves Uncle Charles font exclusively since I downloaded it from 2Peas!)

So this week’s challenge is to use font to support the theme of your layout. Choose any topic you like and then play it up with a fancy, plain, scary, silly, futuristic, or old-fashioned font. The possibilities are endless (which is often the problem!).

Feel free to use one font or several. If you handwrite most of your journaling, play up the font in your title instead.

Here’s mine:

And Ducky’s:


And Em’s:

2 across, 7 down, otherwise known as challenge #79

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

what does it say about you when you hate your own challenge?

well i’ve tried it and i hate it.

design problems beyond design problems.

one word answers needed.

but i suppose that’s what a challenge is all about, so with that glowing description, i offer you this week’s challenge.

a crossword puzzle.

there are plenty of free puzzlemakers out there if you just google “free crossword maker” but i’ll give you a couple of links to get you started. and i’ll get back to you on my layout.

and if no one wants to play this week, i completely understand.

crossword puzzle maker



i’ll post more layouts once they are done. but here’s heather’s, she’s a trooper to say the least. :)

little ducky’s page about her son, what a fun idea! and she did not disappoint, i was hoping for something like this from her…

and i finished mine and actually think it turned out ok… :) see what complaining will get you!?!