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#70 A Random Word

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I can’t figure out how this new version of wordpress works. i can’t figure out how to load pictures and i can’t link, so you’ll have to bear with me for a while. but here’s the challenge, sans pictures and links: it’s a random word challenge. there’s a generator online that just throws out words, if you don’t like the first word, i’ll give you the option of trying again 4 more times, but that’s it. you have to use one of those five words as a jumping off point for your journaling. i think this will be fun because everyone’s pages are going to be SO different.

google RANDOM WORD GENERATOR to find the link.

for your word and get creating!
remember, you only have to use the word as a jumping off point, it doesn’t even have to be in your title or journaling, just explain how it inspired you.


here’s my take on the challenge, my word was “traveling”:

And Suzy’s (her word was “frown”):

Here’s Heather’s page. Her word was “Entrance”, it can be pronounced two different ways, can you tell which one she used? :)

and Steph’s is using the word “Human”

ducky’s word was “teacher”

Challenge #69–Can you describe it to me?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

We’ve got a really easy challenge for you this week! Use **ONLY** adjectives for your journaling.

I’m posting a little early today, so the girls will add their pages as they can! Remember to link us up to your work, we’d love to see it!

Heather’s page:

Suzy’s page (with her apologies! The adjectives were definitely the inspiration, but she just couldn’t help putting more words on the page.):

#68 ::please use your inside voice::

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

either turn down the volume or CRANK IT TO THE MAX in your journaling.

use font size, color and/or placement to whisper a quiet message or to SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD!! this is inspired by ali edwards’s first book, a designer’s eye, p.121, in the “charm school” chapter.

you might want to use quiet type so that the design and photos can take center stage, or maybe quiet type would be good for a photo of a sleeping baby or a calm environment.

loud type could be used for something in-your-face or strongly emotional.

I used quiet type behind a transparency as my “why I love this photo” subtext. my only real smiles are when I’m looking right at my son, so I even put him in my line of sight when I need to have a real smile.

Emily’s page:

Journaling: how sad to only have had him for a few short years * to not see her grow up * to not be able to give her away * to miss out on knowing your grandchildren and maybe even your great grandchildren * to not grow old with your sweetheart * to miss him so much, it brings tears to her eyes when she talks about him * to die too young.