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#67 – Turn your world upside-down.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Or at least your journaling.

This week’s challenge is a simple one, but one that can add a lot of impact – put your journaling upside-down on the page. You can write a lot or a little, and invert all or just some of it.

Have fun with it! And remember, don’t just think out of the box – turn the box on its head. :)

Here’s mine:

upside down

And one from LD:






And more coming soon. :)

#66 Fill in the ___________.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

this one is going to be EASY. you have NO EXCUSE not to do it.

copy and paste these questions into your word processing program or write them out. fill them in. make a layout. you are done! not much deep thinking involved. unless you want to. then you are more than welcome to expound upon any part of this challenge. it’s up to you. do them all or pick one. have fun with it, that’s the only rule.

these questions are quiz #1 in the 2006 special issue from simple scrapbooks called “Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions.” If it’s still for sale, you should buy it. I don’t work for simple, but it’s a very handy tool for journaling.

slice of life:
1. the last person i sent a card to
2. what i ate for lunch today
3. something i just learned
4. my favorite song this year
5. the last book i read
6. what i’m wearing right now
7. the last phone call i made
8. inside, i don’t feel very different from when i was (how old?)
9. the last restaurant i ate at was
10. my favorite tv show is

Here’s mine:


and Ducky’s


and Steph’s


and Heather’s


and Suzy’s

march 21st

Challenge #65–$1 million in small unmarked bills…

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

We’re doing ransom notes!! You can write your journaling as an actual ransom note (“do this, or else!”), or do regular journaling in a ransom note fashion, or whatever ‘ransom’ means to you!! Have fun with it. We sure did!

Heather’s page:


Little Ducky’s page:


Emily’s page:


Suzy’s page:

note to self

#64 : fill the space

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

my challenge is to fill an area but don’t use sentences.

you may use phrases, words, sentence fragments. just don’t write the usual narrative “we did this, it was fun, etc”

your area can be anything. but fill the whole thing. try to avoid a plain rectangle shape.

consider writing on the photo in the area around your subject.

here’s mine (yes I know the pants look stupid. it was 1990!):


here’s pretty heather’s:


And Suzy’s:


and some of Emily’s mini album: