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Challenge #55 – It’s a gift.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Black Friday has now passed and with it came the official start to the holiday shopping season. You can count me among the many who love the holiday season! I love decorating with ornaments collected over the years, I love the songs with lyrics I could sing in my sleep, I even like the shopping. Browsing the toy aisles, I feel like a kid again myself. I can still remember the feeling of finally getting that much longed-for item on Christmas morning and I’m having just as much fun anticipating my kiddos’ reactions when they see what Santa has brought. So for this week’s challenge, write about the best gift you ever received. Gifts obviously come in all shapes and sizes – some wrapped in bright paper, some delivered in other ways. Choose a gift, material or otherwise, that you treasure and make a layout in honor of it. And that will be your gift to us!

Here’s mine to get things started:

this is me.

Challenge #54–Have you been here before?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

How are you enjoying the challenges? I know I am being pushed and am loving the results. We hope you are too. The challenge for this week comes from some pictures I took of my kids back in June. We were exploring in a park and found a trail. We veered off onto the trail and my childhood rushed back. I remember finding another such hidden spot when I was about 10. It was so cool, I felt like I was the only person in the world that knew about that spot. Similar emotions occurred on that day with my kids. It was kind of deja vu.

Journal about a picture or pictures that reminds you of another similar experience. Does your child look exactly like an ancestor? Did going to CHA bring back memories of how silly you were your freshman year of college? You can go a lot of places with this one. Try it out. It will take some thought, but it’s worth it! Please link your layouts here or on the two peas thread.

Here’s my layout:


little ducky’s:







Heather is still working on her layout.

Journaling Challenge #53: Write a story.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Once upon a time, there was a scrapbooker. She needed some new ideas to help improve her journaling. Then one day she discovered the Journaler’s Junction Blog. Since that day, her pages have been filled with lovely and engaging journaling, her days have been filled with love and light, and her nights…–Well, let’s just say she lived happily ever after.

Write a story. Come on you’ve got tons of stories. That’s why you’re a scrapbooker!


Here’s my story page. It’s digital.


Here’s Miss Heather’s (she swears she didn’t steal my pumpkin idea):


Here’s Suzy’s:

make a wish