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Your wish is my command! — Challenge #43

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

You’ve just rubbed an ancient lamp and out pops… A GENIE! He will grant you THREE wishes. What do you wish for….?? It could be totally outrageous…or totally serious…or totally in between. ;)

Emily was completly selfless and wished for good things for her son…


Heather’s wished for some things that were absurd and some that were attainable.


Tell us what you would wish for!

…and then she said… challenge #42

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Happy new challenge day! Heather and I have been so thrilled at all the great layouts we’ve been seeing on the blog and the 2Peas thread. It’s fun to see where each person takes one of our challenges. I guess I’m saying, “Thanks for playing!”

And that segues nicely into this week’s challenge (I love that word, I feel really smart when I can use it!). Journal a conversation. You can go word for word with quotes and all–a great way to use up that unused punctuation in your letter stash–or you can take a different approach and write about the conversation. Conversations make great pages because it captures a moment and a personality. This can be either serious or funny. Take it and run! Just don’t forget to link your layout in the comments section so we can check it out and praise it.

Emily’s page:


Heather’s page:


Challenge #41 – Say Thank You.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I’m BACK! I’m completely exhausted (still) but I am ready to get back into the groove!

This week’s challenge was inspired by my vacation. My hubby and I took a cruise for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We then flew to Georgia to spend a week with family. During that week, we decided to visit the spot where we were married. We took the boys and showed them where it all began. So much fun! I set up the camera for my seven year old to take a picture of me and my hubby on the bridge…just like a pic that was taken of us on our wedding day. It made me realize everything that I was thankful for over the last 16 years of our couple-hood. I wanted to write my hubby a thank you note. ;-)

And thus, your challenge. Say thank you. Plain and simple.

Here’s my layout…




Thanks for playing with us this week! xoxo, Heather

One At A Time, On The Side–Journaling Challenge #40

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

ETA : a note to all interested in playing (i.e. nessa)–it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, just post a comment and link us to your layout when it’s done. we don’t do prizes so international players are always more than welcome!

I can’t tell you how glad I am that Heather will be back this week. I’ve really enjoyed writing all the posts, but coming up with all the challenges has tapped me. I’ll be greatful to turn the thinking cap over to her next week. And with a cruise and a new nephew for her, I’m thinking she’ll have some great ideas for us.

Now for this week’s challenge, I thought I’d do something that wouldn’t be too hard. It’s all technique. I’m really hip of the topical challenges, I can come up with them easily. But technique–it’s more challenging, but I usually end up loving the results. And this week is no exception. Here’s the challenge:

Journal one word on a line, down the side–either of your picture or the page. You can left or right justify. You can hand journal or computer journal. Any way you want to design it. But this is where it got tricky–thus the challenge–your journaling has to fit, so you have to word it just right. There’s not that much room when you’ve got one word on a line. It’s a little like poetry. But it was fun. And I finished with a sentence that packs the punch. You can play with it too, just try to stay mostly true to the one word formula.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with–It’s so fun to see other’s interpretaions. Don’t forget to link back here or the thread in the Pub on 2Peas. And we love getting comments, so keep letting us know you’re enjoying these, even if you don’t get a chance to play.