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Challenge #8 – Hide Your Journaling (#22)

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Good Monday Morning Journaler’s!!

We are over halfway to the finish line of our 12 week journaling challenge. So if you are a little behind, no worries – get yourself caught up and post as you go!

The pages have been fantastic so far! Heather and I try to praise them as often as we can, but sometimes life gets a little hectic and time doesn’t always allow. BUT, we look at and read each and every page, so keep em’ coming!

Well this week is a little different. We aren’t going to read your journaling, cause the challenge this week is to hide it. This allows you a chance to get deep and personal in your thoughts as no one but you and the people it’s intended for will be able to read it.

Have fun with it and make sure you link us up when your done!!




Challenge #7 – Verbs (#21)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Hello Journalers! Sorry about the late start this week. Kids home from school for the holiday don’t mix with trying to get internet stuff done. ;-)

The challenge for this week is from guest challenger Emily Pitts. Journal by
using only a list of verbs. Get out that dictionary and thesaurus!

This challenge was so fun!! Check out our pages…



Challenge #6 – Journal in 3 Spots (#20)

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to week 6! Can you believe we are halfway through the 12 week challenge!?! The layouts you all have been doing have been so awesome!! We love seeing them and seeing what you do with the challenges each week. So let’s continue on with your challenge for week #6 – brought to you by the fabulous, the oh-so-talented Mrs. Linda Harrison. We loved her challenge this week and we’re sure you will too!

Journal in three places on your page. I know it sounds weird at first, but it is something I have wanted to start doing a little bit…to break up the ONE journaling block that I ALWAYS do and journal more over the page. For example, you can do three of those journaling spots and stick them in a line or over the page, can do two hidden tags of journaling with one summary block exposed, etc.

We can’t wait to see your pages!!




Challenge #5–Something that makes you cry (#19)

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Here we are, ladies! Week 5 of our 12 week challenge. Don’t worry about being “behind.” Feel free to go back and do any and all previous challenges. Remember, the goal is to have all 12 challenges done by April 2nd. You have plenty of time!

This week journal about something that makes you cry. It could be a happy cry or a sad cry, but the journaling should be about something that moves you to tears. I love Steph’s layout this week. It is totally something I can relate to…Movies! My layout is about my sister getting married and how long she has waited to find the right man to be her husband and a father to her little girl. (There I go tearing up again….*sniff*)

So, let us see what you can do! Here are our layouts…