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Challenge #14

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

And our last one of the year! This week is very simple. You choose what you would like to journal about and do it VERTICAL! No writing left to right. Make your words go top to bottom or bottom to top, it’s your choice!

Thanks for joining us this year! Check back on the 2nd to see what we have up our sleeves!

And now for our layouts for this week.



#13 Your Favorite Spot in Your Home

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Happy Challenge Day, and welcome to challenge #13. It’s lucky, ya know. Our challenge this week comes from Lu. She wants us to journal about our favorite spot in our homes. Tell us where it is. Tell us why it is your favorite. Dig down deep in your gut and make us *feel* why it is your favorite. Check out our layouts for some inspiration!



Challenge #12: Voice Your Pet Peeve

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Hey Everyone!

We had originally decided to take a week off for Thanksgiving, but life got pretty hectic for all of us and it ended up being 2 weeks. So sorry to make you wait for the next challenge.

A couple things before I post this weeks challenge:

-We will be taking the week of December 25 off for Christmas, which means there are only 3 challenges left for this year (including this one)

-make sure you report back here on Tuesday January 2 (the challenge will be posted a day late because of New Year’s Day) as we kick off the new year with a little twist on the regular challenges.

We love seeing everyone’s pages and reading the words you write. Thank you for participating and I hope you stick with us as we head into 2007.

Now for the challenge: This weeks challenge comes to you from Tiffany . She wants you to create a page about one of your pet peeves. Something you may not have thought to scrapbook about, but let me just say, you feel so much better when you get it out on paper. I know I did! Whether it be long lines at the grocery store, people who can’t drive or someone who constantly ‘snaps’ their gum -we want to hear about it! Now go get scrapping!