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Challenge #4: The Phrase Game

Monday, September 25th, 2006

What’s up peeps? What a fun ride we’re having journaling … right? Right? Who said journaling was cumbersome?

We are having a ball reading and drooling over your layouts and challenge pieces. Keep ‘em coming!

I am pleased to offer this week’s journaling challenge. And it’s a fun one! It’s all about the phrases baby. So, let’s get started:

The Phrase Game Journaling Challenge

I could write an entire book on my layouts just to describe an experience. But let’s face it: sometimes less is more. So, if you ever wanted to say a lot by saying just a little … this challenge is for you! Here’s how it works:

Grab a photo or group of photos and describe the scene using the who, what, when, where, why and how of the photo and/or event. Try to limit your descriptions to phrases.

The who = my little one
The what = ate his first nugget
The when = on a summer’s day
The where = at the McDonalds
The why = he was hungry

Once you’ve described the scene, create one sentence using as many of the phrases (the who, what, when, where, why and how of your situation) which fits the description.

Example: On a summer’s day at the McDonalds while the painted Hamburgerler watched anxiously on the wall, my little one ate his first chicken mcnugget.


Your final sentence, I limited myself to two, would sum up the entire event. Try to relate the last sentence back to the main idea or point of the page which usually is ‘the what’ or ‘the who’.

Example: The nugget was gone in four seconds flat!

That’s it! You’ve described your event and all the most important features in under two sentences. And grouping the phrases helps the sentence move and read so well:

On a summer’s day at the McDonalds while the painted Hamburgerler watched anxiously on the wall, my little one ate his first chicken mcnugget. The nugget was gone in four seconds flat!

Feel free to adapt the challenge for a longer sentence. Just remember less is more. Let’s see how you do! And as always check out how we played below and/or in our layout gallery.




Challenge #3 – The Title is Part of the Story

Monday, September 18th, 2006

First of all we just wanted to say that you guys did some awesome pages last week! It is so cool to see everyone’s take on the challenge’s!

The challenge this week is first of all to scrap about whatever you
want…yourself, your kids, your dog…whatever.
BUT you have to make your title a part of the story!
What does that mean you ask?
It means that whatever you choose for your title MUST be the beginning of
every sentence in your journaling.

Title – I have never…
Journaling – I have never eaten bugs. I have never done homework. I have
never been to the ocean.

And so on…and so on…

The journalling can be serious, it can be fun, it can be long or short.
Just have fun making the title a part of your story!
And make sure you link us up when your done!





Challenge #2: You ARE Worthy

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Hello, everyone!
This week’s challenge is all about you. As I was pondering what the subject of the challenge should be, I noticed that in a lot of the popular scrapbook magazines, there are simply not enough scrappers scrapping about themselves. And, quite frankly, it gets on my last nerve seeing the same kinds of pages all the time. I want to see us scrap about us. I want to see women empower themselves. So, my challenge this week is to scrap just about YOU. Not how great a mother you are and what a great wife you are, but just about how incredible YOU are outside of your everyday roles. You are worthy of your scrap pages and it is about time you started journaling about yourself. I believe women should uplift each other and that is what I hope you accomplish with this challenge. LIFT YOURSELF UP! You ARE worthy!

Here are our pages. I hope they inspire you. Don’t forget to link your challenge layouts in our comments section below. We want to see what you come up with too!





We Have a Winner!

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

First off – what’z up homeys!? We want to thank you all for checking us out here at the Journaler’s Junction and give big shout outs to those who participated. I admit, stretching our journaling wings is totally hard … totally. But it becomes second nature when you keep at it. So, we welcome you to participate at any time.

Now! This week’s winner of our random product give away is … Lori! Whooo hooo! Lori did a very cool layout about her speech and how it’s unique that she talks with her hands and thinks out loud. Clever girl! What an awesome part of yourself to capture in a layout. Thanks for sharing! We’ll email you soon with information to pick up your gift card with the fabulous Shabby Princess!

I’ve got to get something off my chest before Lu posts our next challenge tomorrow. We started off on the wrong foot. Here’s what I mean.

I love product give aways just like the next person. And I was thrilled looking at the lineup of product sponsors for upcoming weeks. We were going to feature some very hot, new, and top-notch manufacturer and digi store products. But we all agreed that this might send the wrong message.

Humor me if you will but journaling is such a cool thing. It really is. Every layout doesn’t need ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ written on it. Yet, without the journaling we just have great-grandma’s photo album. Nothing wrong with that but we want to move past that – right junctioneers?

We wouldn’t want to give the impression that journaling should be done because we could win something. Rather we wish our challengers to journal because they want to. Because they were inspired by a certain challenge or wanted to try a cool, new technique. Or just move past the regular photo album. Products are fun – sure! But the journaling is THE reward. No product we give can ever top that.

So, future challenges will NOT have product give aways. Instead we’ll continue our challenges and sometimes the weekly hostess may share a RAK. Either way we hope you’ll continue to stretch your journaling wings with us and fly onward to new junction heights!

Congrats again to Lori and thank you Shabby Princess for sponsoring us for Challenge #1! Until tomorrow dudes and happy journaling!


Challenge #1: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Happy Labor Day!! And welcome to our FIRST challenge! We are all hoping that you enjoy this first challenge as much as we did. So, let’s get to it, right? Our first challenge is…

“Write It How You Say It”

This challenge can take you anywhere you want to go. You can write about how you talk. You can write just like you talk. Imagine you were talking to your best friends and use all of the slang and favorite phrases that you share. You can write about all of those things that you say that make you YOU! Take it, and run with it!

This weeks product giveaway: A $25.00 gift card to the Shabby Shoppe! Check out our Product Giveaway FAQ to be eligible.


Journaling challenge #1 is sponsored by the one and only Shabby Princess! Shabby Princess is the owner of the Shabby Shoppe which features Paper Collections, Piece-a-Cake page albums, overlays, alphabets and anything you can imagine for your digi scrapbooking collection.

Be sure to visit her fabulous website this week as we thank her for sponsoring our “Write It How You Say It” Journaling Challenge. Thank you Shabby Princess!

Now for our layouts!! We hope we made the files large enough to read the journaling. If not check out our Layout Gallery. We’ve typed out the words so you can see the style and flow.


Thank you ALL for joining us! We can’t wait to see what you do! ~ Heather






Welcome to the Journaler’s Junction for Scrapbookers!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

Opening Monday September 4, 2006! See you then!